Hand/Carrying devices



  • Material: stainless steel
  • Light weight
  • Easy emptying
  • Low noise level
  • Ground continuity tester
  • Hand hold version, optionally available with shoulder strap (BP version)
  • Easy storage underneath work benches due to the small size
  • Each unit is delivered with instruction manual and guarantee card


Technical Data
MV-1 CR (HH)
Hand hold
MV-1 CR (BP)
Back pack (with shoulder strap)
Dimensions (WxH)
Max. Power (Watt)
Filter bag capacity/Recovery tank capacity
Detachable power cord
19 x 46 cm
5 kg
55 l/s
920 W
1,9 l
approx. 10 m
19 x 60 cm
6,5 kg
55 l/s
920 W
5,7 l
approx. 10 m

1. Paper filter (1 micron efficiency) keeps the other filters free from clogging dust or contamination
2. Clothfilter (1 micron efficiency) washable, synthetic filter prolongs the life of the Ulpa filter "Kuppel" Filter
3. 'Dome' filter Protects the motor in the event that filters 1 and 2 are used incorrectly
4. ULPA filter (Minimum efficiency of 99.999% on particles as small as 0.12 micron) Purifies exhaust air and ensures cleanroom compatibility for class 10

MV-1 CR (HH) Accessories

1) Static dissipating suction hose (WxL) 32 mm x 1.5 m
2) Micro tool kit, static dissipating
3) Round brush, static dissipating
4) Round tool, static dissipating
5) Flat tool, static dissipating
6) Crevice tool, static dissipating
7) Ground continuity tester
8) Paper filter bags
9) Detachable power cord



Recommended application in cleanroom classes

Available on request

  • Further versions, especially for filtering bacterial contaminants
  • Additional accessories


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