Wet/Dry Vacuums

CWR-8 CWR-15


  • Recovery tank of stainless steel or polyethylene
  • Designed for applications where liquids and other contaminants are to be recovered
  • With autoclavable recovery tanks (stainless steel) and autoclavable floater system (except: power head)
  • Dual ULPA filtration
  • Chemical resistant wheels (material: nitrile)
  • Easy to maneuver through large wheels
  • Easy emptying
  • Low noise level
  • Ground continuity tester
  • Each unit is delivered with instruction manual and guarantee card


Technical Data
Stainless steel or
polyethylene tank
Stainless steel
Stainless steel or
polyethylene tank
Dimensions (WxH) 43 x 74 cm 43 x 86 cm 43 x 100 cm
Weight 11 kg 14 kg 14,5 kg
Max. Power (Watt) 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W
Airflow 48 l/s 48 l/s 48 l/s
Filter bag capacity 9,5 l 19 l 19 l
Recovery tank capacity 25 l 28 l 47 l
Detachable power cord approx. 10 m approx. 10 m approx. 10 m


Filtration for CWR-8, 10, 15

A) Suction intake B) Motor cooling air intake C) Autoclavable floater system D) Stainless steel support cage for cloth filter E) Clean air exhaust - for working air F) Clean air exhaust - for motor cooling air

1. Paper filter bag with micro liner
(one micron efficiency) collects the bulk of recovered materials and keeps other filters free from clogging dust

2. Double cloth filter
(consisting of two layers): one micron efficiency prolongs the life of the ULPA filters. 2. DRALON PRE-FILTER prevents caking of fine dust

3. Polyester main filter

4. ULPA filter
(Ultra Low Penetration Air) For working air with 99.999% efficiency on 0.12 micron. Collects ultra-fine particles that have entered the vacuum system through the suction intake and also filters any contamination generated by the motor fans to ensure cleanroom compatibility

5. ULPA filter
for cooling air with 99.999% efficiency on 0.12 microns. Collects ultra-fine residue generated by the vacuum motor (from carbon brushes, bearings, etc.) to ensure cleanroom compatibility


CWR-10 PharmaVac

CWR-10 PharmaVac with autoclavable sieve basket


  • Tank and sieve made from stainless steel (304 electropolished, autoclavable)
  • Autoclavable sieve basket for the save recovery of broken glass and ampules
  • The large suction inlet (50 mm) prevents blockage
  • Autoclavable accessories inclusive


Technical data
CWR-10 PharmaVac
Dimensions (WxH) 43 x 99 cm
Weight 35 kg
Max. Power (Watt) 1050 W
Airflow 48 l/s
Sieve basket capacity 16 l
Recovery tank capacity 30 l



Recommended application in cleanroom classes

Additional models available upon request

Wet/dry vacuums with activated carbon for neutralizing harmful fumes and liquids


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