Sleeves BioClean-D Sleeves




Chemotherapy protective sleeves BioClean Maximum comfort and protection
Recommended use in class A (ISO 4)
Antatomical formed with elastic adjustment for optimal fit
Sterile and non sterile versions available
Tested using the ASTM D 6978-05 Standard
Length: 50 cm
Color: white, blue
Car = 6 x 15 pairs (90 pairs)

Elastic adjustment on both sides, points of seam on the higher blue rubber band
Material: Tyvek®
Antistatic treament
Length: 50 cm
Color: white

Car = 200 pcs

Nonwoven Sleeves Material: with polyethylene coating
Elastic adjustment on both sides
Length: 60 cm
Color: white
Car = 400 pcs
LDPE Sleeves

Elastic adjustment on both sides
Thickness: 0.02 mm
Length: 40 cm
Colors: red, blue
Car = 2.000 pcs


For cytotoxic applications

Sleeve BioClean-C


Dispenser systems for the simple collection of disposables such as hoods, facemasks, overshoes or gloves.

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4 Compartments


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