Gas Purification

Entegris GateKeeper® Gas Purifier


  • Removal of gaseous contaminants down to part-per-trillion levels with inorganic media 
  • Designed for ambient operation and requiring no power
  • Regenerable GateKeeper gas purifiers are an environmentally friendly alternative to nonregenerable getter, organometallic resin and palladium based technologies.
  • Flow rates ranging from 1 slm to 20000 slm

Aeronex® Gas Purification Systems


  • Automatically regenerating gas purification systems for the removal of molecular contaminants such as H2O and O2 down to the part-per-trillion level, ensuring constant supply of high-purity gas
  • Available for N2, H2, Ar, NH3, and XCDA and flow rates up to 5000 slm
  • Low total cost of ownership through selfregeneration of purifier




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