Wet Processing Equipment

Wet processing equipment is installed primarily for work with liquid materials that give off harmful and toxic fumes. Collection troughs and rinsing tanks facilitate work with the liquid medium; fumes are concurrently and safely extracted from the chemical bench area via a suction system.


  • Self-supporting design of solidly welded 20 mm polypropylene panels
  • Work panels optionally of stainless steel or natural polypropylene
  • Surface extraction suction via the perforated work panel
  • Collection troughs with air ducts, solidly welded into the casing
  • Collection trough floor with 2% gradient laterally towards the rear
  • Collection trough with coarse sieve
  • Acid bath, rinsers, rinsing bathes, etc. can be optionally integrated
  • Lower area is fitted with folding doors. The lower area can be extraction suctioned similar to the perforated working panel
  • Optionally the base can stand on height-adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Basic supply connections are on the rear side of the bench
  • Operating and display elements are easily visible on the front side at the table height
  • The transparent cover ensures protection against sprayed water


CT 975
Bench width: 975 mm
Raster quantity (work panels/troughs): 2
Bench depth: 695 or 850 mm
Door width: 675 mm
CT 1280
Bench width: 1280 mm
Raster quantity (work panels/troughs): 3
Bench depth: 695 or 850 mm
Door width: 780 mm
CT 1585
Bench width: 1585 mm
Raster quantity (work panels/troughs): 4
Bench depth: 695 or 850 mm
Door width: 1085 mm
CT 1890
Bench width: 1890 mm
Raster quantity (work panels/troughs): 5
Bench depth: 695 or 850 mm
Door width: 1390 mm



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