Laminar Flow Units

In addition to classic cleanrooms, an ever increasing number of local cleanrooms are also being installed. These achieve cleanroom conditions in smallest areas and thus represent an economic alternative for individual production sections. All laminar flow hoods offered by basan work according to the principle of low-turbulance, forced air flow. Using this principle an air current is introduced horizontally or vertically through the working area of the cabinet. In the process the ambient air is introduced via a pre-filter and flows over a high-performance suspension-substance filter horizontally or vertically into the work area as laminar flow current. This air current captures the particles directly where they originate and transfers them without return flow away from the clean area via the exhaust air duct. The decision for either horizontal or vertical flow should be based on the quantity and geometry of the items located in the work area.

Laminar flow hoods prevent particle contamination when filling or packing products. Laminar flow hoods are installed over existing production lines. Vertical flow modules can be mounted on mobile stands and thus moved between areas. Lateral conduction of the clean air flow and shielding of the clean work area is achieved through PVC strip curtains or side panels.



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