BlauTouch – an innovative concept for cleanrooms

BlauTouch is the first interactive workbench developed with a hygienic design, according to GMP guidelines, specifically for areas where contamination is critical, such as cleanrooms and other controlled environments. It is a unique product worldwide with an ultra-clean technology concealed on the workbench without edges, cracks and areas of potential contamination which can bring significant benefits on cleanroom activities



  • Tempered glass with high mechanical and chemical resistance to acidic reagents and organic solvents
  • Multi-touch and multi-user with excellent precision and touch response
  • Stratified phenolic resins plate for high resistance to scratches, abrasion, impact, and humidity, a significant fungicide
  • Polished stainless steel in all metallic elements (structure and casings) with an hygienic and non-porous surface
  • IP65 sealing level on the enclosure of the computational devices


  • Interactive area with capacitive touch technology for access to computer devices in critical contamination areas
  • Multi-touch and multi-user with excellent precision and touch response
  • Removal of contamination from working areas, namely keyboards, mouses and computers, reducing significantly the risk of biological, chemical and radioactive contamination
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Removal of hard copy records and logbooks, also contributing to a great space saving
  • Use with fingers, gloves or capacitive pen, which allows keeping the gloves on while introducing data
  • Immune to non-conductive objects, such as laboratory glassware, which allows the use of accessories on top of the workbench while accessing computer resources
  • Models in accordance with EN ISO 14644 standard with completely sealed electronic devices for use in cleanrooms
  • Tempered glass worktop resistant to high chemical, mechanical and thermal loads
  • Resistance to liquids and UV lightning without any deformation over time
  • Windows 8 compatible

Award-winners BlauTouch:

  • Innovation-Award in march 2013 in Paris at ContaminExpo
  • Cleanroom-Award in october 2013 in Frankfurt at Cleanzone

basa - the cleanroom company is distributions partner for the BlauTouch in Europe (except France).




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