Knitted Versions

Fit Top Fit Palm Fit



  • Synthetic fibers, knitted (polyamide)
  • Very good tactile feeling through seamless manufacturing
  • Flexible, excellent fit, maximum comfort
  • Hand-specific (HS)
  • Vapor permeable, breathable
  • Leave no fingerprints
  • Cuff color code to indicate size
  • Washable at approx. 40°C
  • Available with resistant polyurethane (PU) coating
  • Available in versions: uncoated, coated fingertips, coated palms


Sizes Details Unit
S - XL
Use as a liner glove
10 pairs
Top Fit
Coated fingertips
S - XL
anti-slip grip for precise work excecuted in the fingertip area
10 pairs
Palm Fit
Coated palm
S - XL
Anti-slip grip for precise work.
Avoids palm perspiration contact.
10 pairs



Recommended application in cleanroom classes

Variety of models

Different brands are available.


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