Ionizing neutralizes electrostatic charges, which occur through the friction or separation of two materials. In the process an exchange of electrons takes place, this means that in one material electron surplus prevails (negative charge) in the other material there is a lack of electrons (positive charge).

For human beings electrostatic charges as well as discharges are generally harmless. However, in microelectronics and chip manufacturing, charging or discharging can affect product quality.

Particularly in the field of microelectronics electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause defects in semiconductors and circuit boards with serious consequences for functionality, for instance in computers, telephones or medical devices. Furthermore, it can cause disturbances in the course of production as contaminating particles are attracted by electrostatically charged surfaces (ESA).

In addition to other protective measures, such as conductive surfaces, devices, and clothing, ionizing is the solution for these types of problems. Various devices are used appropriate according to the area or product being ionized:

  • Overhead Ionizers
  • Benchtop Ionizers
  • Ionizing Air Guns





ESD = electrostatic discharge
ESA = electrostatic attraction



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