Peel-off Mats

Due to their strong adhesive effect, peel-off mats are used to pre-clean and to collect dust from the soles of shoes and trolley wheels. They prevent contaminants from entering the cleanroom or other critical working areas.



  • 30, alternatively 60 layers
  • White base, transparent layers (further colors available upon request)
  • Self-adhesive base prevents slipping
  • Low profile (approx. 1.5 mm for 30 layers, 2 mm for 60 layers) prevents tripping
  • No cleaning necessary - dirty layers are simply peeled off
  • Each layer is numbered, so the number of layers remaining is easily identified


Additional information:

The adhesive on each layer contains an antimicrobial agent, inhibiting bacterial growth on the mat.

Size (WxL)
L30-8 (30 layers)
L60-4 (60 layers)
approx. 0.46 m x 1.17 m
approx. 0.46 m x 1.17 m
8 Mats / carton
4 Mats / carton

L30-8 (30 layer)
L60-4 (60 layer)
approx. 0.64 m x 1.14 m
approx. 0.64 m x 1.14 m

8 Mats / carton
4 Mats / carton




Recommended application in cleanroom classes


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