Custom Cleanroom Packaging and Irradiation Service

  • Productivity is reduced where raw materials/components are supplied in packaging that does not conform to the requirements of your cleanroom operation, eg.

  • Bulk packaging: the items are supplied in quantities too large for effective introduction to the cleanroom, necessitating bulk break processing and on site sterilisation.
    Micro-packaging: items are individually packed but used in bulk, resulting in large volumes of packaging accumulating during each shift
    Itemised packaging: Several components are used for the end product, with each being supplied in separate mismatched packaging quantities, requiring extra sorting and on site sterilisation and the accumulation of waste packaging.

    We offer a wide range of re-packing and sterilisation services and can create bespoke kits to meet exact production requirements.

Products not originally intended for cleanroom purposes can be cleaned and re-packaged to render them cleanroom compliant. We can also customise or pack existing cleanroom products to adapt them to your unique needs: 

  • Gamma irradiation or EtO service
  • Clean air washing of products for use in cleanrooms
  • Re-packaging of bulk products in smaller packing units or sizes
  • Packaging of single items in bulk packages
  • Assembly of ready-to-use kits

All that and much more is done at permanent implementation of a quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

We offer a wide range of customised services for your personal production environment. Please contact us for more detailed information and to discuss your requirements.


Your benefits:

  • Gain more time for your core production activity and let us do the preparation of your critical products
  • We guarantee reliable supply and consistent quality at transparent cost


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