Decontamination and leasing of cleanroom garments

We can recommend a suitable leasing partner who is specialised in the expert decontamination and sterilisation of cleanroom garments and will make you a professional leasing proposal, including wardrobe service.

Together with our leasing partners, we offer you the following services:

  • On-site collection of used cleanroom garments
  • Decontamination and sterilisation using up-to-date procedures
  • Marking of garments for traceability and stock control (electronic tracking through bar coding is possible)
  • Expert repairs or no-charge replacement of damaged garments
  • Packaging of decontaminated garments cleanroom conditions
  • Return of garments including wardrobe service






  • Access to a one-stop shop for garments and leasing services
  • Peace of mind about the cleanroom compliance of your garments.


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