Training of cleanroom personnel


A significant factor in quality assurance of the production process is the qualification of your personnel.

New and existing cleanroom personnel must constantly adapt to the requirements and circumstances of cleanroom operation, and should undergo regular training in this respect.

Training is not merely a matter of echoing the specific work content and guidelines on behaviour; specialist knowledge also needs to be conveyed and refreshed. This simultaneously motivates your staff and increases their efficiency.


  • Staff spends less time preparing, executing, and following up on training. Psychologically, staff tends to be more receptive to training from external sources
  • Staff that undergo frequent training, learn new content and methods of presentation

basan training and seminars cover the following:

  • Hygiene (definition, regulations and guidelines; various aspects of hygiene; measures)
  • Basics of microbiology (overview of micro-organisms; main infective diseases, pathogens and symptoms; protective measures, combating)
  • Sources of contamination and cross contamination
  • Accompanying measures to avoid contamination (physical hygiene, cleanroom garments garment changing process, man as a source of contamination, waste handling)
  • Cleaning and disinfection measures
  • Skin protection (functions of the skin, skin protection, skin care, hand cleaning, skin care plan)
  • Safety (rules for handling cleaning and disinfection chemicals, protective equipment, hazardous materials, environmental protection, storage, operating procedures, hazardous material symbols, product labelling)
  • Gowning procedures/locking in and out (sequence and technique of putting on and taking off cleanroom garments, locking in and out correctly)
  • Training on cleanroom garments (explanation of the various materials, application according to cleanroom classes, functionality of the fabric)




For more information

Training opportunities are provided at our annual Cleanroom Conference by means of customer specific site surveys and can be arranged with our international training partners.


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