Special accessories

Cyto Bench Top Protector



  • 3 layer construction
  • Low linting, stabile surface
  • Higly absorbent middle layer 
  • Fluid barrier resists harsh chemicals
  • Impermeable bottom layer
  • Slip-resistant polyethylene backing keeps mats in place
  • Lies flat and remains flat even after drying
  • Latex-free

Dimensions: 27 cm x 41 cm, 41 cm x 54 cm
Color: blue


Poly Mitts


  • Easily clean around carts, shelving and other hard to clean areas
  • Added protection: The mitt is virtually attached to the operator's hand
  • Material: 100% Polyester for standard use, MegaTex fabric for rough surfaces
  • Available gamma irradiated
  • Available with foam interior for increased absorbency
  • One Size (custom sizes available)




Recommended for Cytotoxic applications


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