Knitted Polyester



  • Polypropylene handle in teal
  • Low particle generation through hot sealed edges
  • High chemical resistance
  • High cleaning performance


TX 714A
Head length: 25.7 mm
Head width: 12.7 mm
Handle length: 101.8 mm
Suitable for
cleaning validation
TX 761
Head length: 16.8 mm
Head width: 6.8 mm
Handle length: 145.5 mm
Suitable for
cleaning validation
TX 758 B
Head length: 10.0 mm
Head width: 3.2 mm
Handle length: 60.0 mm
Suitable for
precise and accurate work
Small Alpha Swab, PES
TX 743B 
  Head length: 12 mm
Head width: 4 mm
Handle length: 58.3 mm
Head: 100% polyester fibers (AlphaLite)


New: 100% Polyester Microdenier Swabs

Microdenier Swab heads are made from 100% polyester (nylon free microdenier material) offering enhanced absorbency. Microdenier fabric increases the lifting and capturing power of particles, as small as microbes, and offers streak-free cleaning with scratch-sensitive surfaces.

  • Enhanced absorbency
  • Increased lifting and capturing of particles as small as microbes
  • Compatible with quaternary ammonium chloride cleaners and disinfectants
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Cleanroom laundered, providing ultra low levels of particles
  • 100% polypropylene handle ensures no additional contaminants
  • Autoclavable for use in sterile environments
  • Packaged in silicone-free, easy-to-use and reclosable bag




Recommended application in cleanroom classes


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