Technical Features

  1. Sealed padding, foam injected
    The artificial leather, padding and padding cover are permanently attached together to minimize particle emissions.

  2. Enclosed mechanism
    All moving parts of the chair are enclosed within seat and backrest. Particle emission is reliably minimized.

  3. Cleanroom compatible materials
    The base of the seat and the backrest cover are made from sheet steel. They are abrasion-proof. The electrically conductive leather upholstery can easily be cleaned and is non-slip even for smooth cleanroom clothing. The smooth surface impedes the deposition of particle contaminants on the chair.

  4. Base-pressure diecast aluminium, optionally on castors or sliders
    The aluminium stand is highly polished, abrasion proof and electrically conductive. Instead of double safety castors the chairs can optionally be fitted with conductive sliders for hard surfaces.

  5. Conductive to prevent electrostatic charges
    Cleanroom chairs are electrically conductive and provide reliable protection from electrostatic charging.

Ergonomic Features

Optionally backrest in permanent contact or synchron system 

6. Permanent contact
The backrest continuously adjusts to the movement of the upper body and creates a physiologically correct support of the main muscular and spinal parts.

7. Synchron system
The seat and backrest adjust automatically to the posture. Thus the back is permanently supported. The angle of the seat and backrest can be fixed in any position.





1) Sealed padding, foam injected
2) Encapsulated mechanism
3) Cleanroom compatible materials, smooth surfaces
4) Base-pressure diecast aluminium, shown with castors...
4) ... or with sliders
5) Electrostatic discharging


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