Protective Gloves


Our wide range of protective gloves provide safety against a multitude of cytotoxic, chemical, heat & cold risks in the workplace.

For cytotoxic applications

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Cytotoxic gloves are tested against ASTM D6978 and EN standards for chemotherapy drug handling and chemical resistance. These gloves are designed as a double-gloving system, providing the operator with an additional layer of protection. By using a brightly coloured under glove with a natural

coloured outer glove, any breach is immediately visible, giving the operator an early signal to change gloves.

Chemical resistant

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In cleanrooms certain applications require extra chemical protection. Depending on the type of chemicals (ketones, acids, hydrocarbons, caustics and many more), basan can assist in finding the right level of protection. Chemical protective gloves are available in sterile & non-sterile and can provide a level of mechanical resistance.

Hot/cold protection

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Apart from chemical protection, certain applications can require a hot or cold protection. Removing parts from an autoclave or handling extreme cold temperatures require unique gloves for cleanrooms. basan offers cleanroom suitable gloves with a temperature protection range from -134C to 650C. It is important to understand the correct application (dry / wet heat) to provide the operator with the highest level of protection.


Laboratory and Research Gloves

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It doesn’t matter if you work in a laboratory, researching, developing new ideas, new drugs, new vaccines, medical devices, or work in an environment that enhance human or animal well-being, basan does have a solution that will protect the product, the scientist or patient. 

The laboratory and research gloves are available in various sizes, sterile/non-sterile, different materials and different lenghts. Please contact us and discuss your requirements with us.