Airflow Visualization with MyFog


Studies on airflow visualisations aim at demonstrating, on the one hand, the visual evidence of unidirectional airflows in aseptic structures and, on the other hand, the ability of the system to protect the product and the critical areas through a constant passage of primary air coming from absolute filters. Airflow visualisation studies must be carried out in “at rest” and “in operation” state and they are particularly suited to throw light on potential sources of physical or biological contamination risk in a production process or in its surrounding environment

MyFog® – Fog generator for airflow visual testing
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Benefits of using MyFog

  • Works with WIFI (Water For Injection)
  • Single operator
  • Remote control
  • Dense, quality smoke
  • Viewing of the speed and direction of air flows in all classified environments
  • Balancing of pressures between rooms via visual indicator
  • Detecting air stagnation areas
  • Accessories included:
  • Remote control