Alcohol & Water for injection


We offer a range of Sterile and filtered alcohols for cleanrooms that comprise a wide range and versatile ready-to-use options, including isopropyl alcohol and ethanol.

Alcohol based disinfectants are used in a broad range of applications and areas

Stainless Steel Mop Handles

70% Isopropyl Alcohols

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Available both Sterile and non-sterile 

Isopropyl Alcohol is a blend of 70% v/v Isopropanol with 30% water for injection or purified water.

The alcohol blend is 0.2 micron filtered, filled and bagged in a Grade C (ISO Class 7) cleanroom.  This clean manufacture coupled with water for injection or purified water means the alcohol blend is guaranteed to have an endotoxin level of less than 0.25EU / ml.

Available in 1L trigger spray bottles and 5L capped bottles

Trigger spray and “bag in bottle” protected system prevents bottle contents from becoming contaminated during use

Anodized Aluminum Mop Handles

Denatured Ethanol

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Our 0.2 micron filtered Denatured Ethanol 70% in WFI quality water is perfect as a proven industry standard biocide within pharmaceutical and hospital cleanrooms. 

Available in a range of formats, including 500mL & 1L Trigger Sprays and 5L capped bottles

Trigger spray can be set to jet or spray – large droplet size reduces the risk of inhalation and provides good surface coverage

Perfect for day-to-day disinfection across a range of surfaces including worktops, instruments, gloved hands and transferred items.

Available in sterile and non-sterile versions

Anodized Aluminum Mop Handles

Water for Injection

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Ecolab Klercide™ WFI Quality Water is suitable for use in product contact areas. It is produced from the highest-grade Water for Injection with guaranteed endotoxin levels below 0.25 EU/ml. Klercide™ WFI is useful for residue removal and dilution of sterile concentrates to maintain required quality of product for high grade cleanrooms.

Available in 1L Trigger spray bottles and 5L Capped bottles