Cleaning Brushes


A range of brushes for a variety of applications from aggressive to softer cleaning of process equipment in pharmaceutical, food and cannabis preparation. Brushes designed to clean bottles, drums, tanks, tubes and floor drains are available with nylon, polyester, or polypropylene bristles made from FDA approved resins. Brush covers are available for sanitizing and fine cleaning

Bottle Brushes

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  • Multi-purpose brushes with rounded, soft or medium stiff polyester bristles
  • Available in various colours
  • 30cm and 40cm handles
  • Designed to clean bottles and other lab and production equipment

Stainless Steel Wire Brushes

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  • These durable Stainless Steel Wire Brushes with nylon bristles are available in a variety of sizes for cleaning parts, valves, tubing and hard to reach areas
  • Flexible to bend through fittings but stiff enough to remove residues
  • Tapered versions add cleaning versatility
  • Available in a range of diameters from 6.35mm to 50.8mm

Cylinder Brushes

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  • A round, dome-shaped brush with polyester bristles for cleaning small tanks, carboys, duct work, and other cylinders
  • Lightweight, durable brush with optional fabric covers
  • Made from FDA approved, BPA-free base resins
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • ACME thread connection for attachment to Micronova’s STA series, fixed and extendible length handles