Cleaning Tools for Challenging Equipment and Areas


Customized solutions for above the floor surface and equipment cleaning. These tools are the easiest and most effective way to clean pipes, soft wall curtains, tanks and other hard to reach areas in controlled environments. These innovative tools are ideal for any surface that is difficult to reach, clean and disinfect.

Stainless Steel Mop Handles

Curtain Cleaner

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  • Ideal for cleaning strip curtains and barriers in clean workspace enclosures and ISO Class 5 isolated cleanroom work cells
  • Enables one operator to easily and quickly clean both sides of 4” – 12” plastic strip curtains in a single pass
  • The system consists of a fabric cover that is snugly installed over a stainless-steel frame with two curved-surface arms
  • Each curtain strip to be cleaned is positioned between the two arms of the frame, with the arms contacting both sides of the curtain at once
  • Can be used with two different fabric covers to provide the best cleaning performance for a variety of curtain types and environments
  • The microfiber cover removes and traps dust and other visible contaminants. The Quiltec® knit polyester cover is ideally suited to more critical environments
  • For highly critical environments like ISO Class 5 cleanrooms, the Quiltec cover is available sterile, and triple bagged

Anodized Aluminum Mop Handles

Tank Tool

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  • The Tank Tool is designed to efficiently clean chambers, tanks, and pipes from above or below

  • The articulated head allows the 14″ curved frame to hug the outer wall of the tank as it moves downward to remove residue or apply disinfectant

  • The unit has a degree of swivel to ensure good contact with the surface being cleaned. Available in standard (exterior cleaning) and reverse (interior cleaning) curves

  • The Tank Tool fits the SnapMop series of Mop heads available in 100% Polyester, Microfiber and MegaTex Materials



Megatip Swab

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  • A substantial cleaning swab, the MegaTip is a 4″ x 1.5″ probe which, when used with the Universal Handle, will easily reach to clean recesses, corners, and angles between walls and ceilings and other areas where a mop or wiping is not feasible

  • Custom sizes available

  • The covers are made of 100% Smooth Knit Polyester, compatible with strong disinfectants, Autoclavable and available irradiated