When it comes to cleanroom cleaning solutions, ensuring you pick the right products is crucial. You need to know which solutions will meet your cleanroom standards to remain compliant with regulations. Remember: cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. Both are necessary, and both require different types of cleanroom cleaning solutions.

You need to clean your surfaces with detergents before you disinfect them with chemicals.

Detergents should be neutral, non-ionic, and non-foaming.

The use of a surfactant/detergent helps to break the binding of particles and dirt to a surface and allows them to be more easily removed.

Contec NeutraKlean

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Available in both Sterile and non-sterile versions

Contec® NeutraKlean is a gentle and low-foaming detergent designed for the cleaning of life science cleanrooms

With a pH after irradiation between 6.5 and 8.0, Contec NeutraKlean is ideal for carrying out the low-level cleaning required after maintenance, and to remove disinfectant residues and general soil.

The filtered product is double bagged to aid the transfer of the product into a pharmaceutical cleanroom. The linear tear bags are easy to open even when wearing gloves.

Available in 1L trigger sprays, 5L Capped bottles as well as 150ml Concentrates.

Ecolab Neutral Detergent

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Sterile neutral detergent is formulated specifically for high-grade cleanroom environments and available in a variety of ready-to-use formats.

Available in ready to use 1L trigger sprays, 5L Capped bottles as well as 100ml Concentrates

pH-neutral, nonionic, non-corrosive, low-foaming detergent — with no extraneous chemicals, dyes or perfumes — is designed to be used directly on hard, non-porous surfaces

Highly effective against oils, sticky residues and spillages, and ideal for use in general cleaning protocols.  

Solution is 0.2 micron-filtered and filled under unidirectional Grade A / ISO Class 5 airflow in a Grade B / ISO Class 7 cleanroom — and double-bagged to simplify movement into high-grade areas. Supported with Certificates of Analysis and Sterility with every batch

Incidin Pro - Detergent/Disinfectant Combination

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Clean and disinfect in one step

Incidin Pro’s antimicrobial efficacy is complimented by its short contact times and excellent material compatibility. Effective against bacteria, yeast and various viruses (including norovirus)

Especially suitable for use in C&D cleanrooms and adjacent outer areas.

Excellent cleaning efficacy and material compatibility – extensively tested on all surface types commonly found in the healthcare settings – from metals, linoleum and PVCs to ceramics, rubbers and plastics – with excellent results

Aldehyde-free formulation without perfume and dye for convenient and safe product use

Available in 6L Concentrate with dilution instructions