Dry Fog Bio-decontamination Services

Fast, efficient, and residual-free room decontamination with Dry Fog Technology

Microbial contamination with bacteria, spores, fungi, and viruses poses serious health risks. Even though cleanrooms are strictly controlled, contamination is not always preventable. Bio-decontamination with H2O2 and PAA provides a fast and reliable corrective measure to reduce possible downtimes in production.

Preventive usage of Dry Fog technology facilitates compliance with defined requirements for cleanrooms and other hygiene sensitive areas. Bio-decontamination with Dry Fog technology guarantees rapid containment or even prevention of microbiological outbreaks and completes the standard disinfection program. It is also suitable for new constructions, renovations before starting operations or as part of your regular hygiene program.

A cleanroom complex consisting of multiple rooms and a total area of 1000m3 can be decontaminated in one cycle, with 6 log reduction in bacteria spores being achieved.  

basan  Dry Fog Bio-decontamination Service covers the following:

  • Room Decontamination (corrective or preventive)
  • Emergency Decontamination
  • Decontamination of Equipment (cabinets, work benches, etc)
  • Decontamination after infection outbreaks
  • Decontamination against multi-resistant and infectious germs
  • Validation of decontamination process