Powder Samplers


Powder Thieves

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  • The Powder Thief is extensively used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries all around the world
  • Suitable for sampling free flowing powders and granules
  •  A range of tips are available so that a single sampler can be used to accurately sample a range of different volumes
  • Sample volumes from 0.25ml to 100ml
  • Easy to use, simply push the sampler into the powder and push down on the handle to take the sample.  The body can then be moved to close in the sampler. Remove the sampler and empty the tip

Powder Max - 150ml Sampler

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  • Ideal for taking a large volume sample of free flowing powders and granules, it takes a 150ml (6oz) single point sample
  • The sampler has been designed to be easily cleaned in line with GMP guidelines, all parts come apart for cleaning
  • Made from high quality 316L stainless steel, polished finish

Pocket Sampler

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  • The Pocket Sampler is a popular multilevel zone sampler that is used for sampling free flowing powders and granules
  • Pocket Samplers are available in a range of sizes 300mm to 2000mm and designs
  • Choose from a 316L stainless steel construction or a 316L stainless steel outer with a PTFE core
  • Other tips can be attached to the sampler to make it more pointed (ideal when the powder is dense) or more rounded (used when you do not want to puncture a bag or filter cloth)


    Multilevel Slot Sampler

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    • The Slot Sampler is ideal for taking large volume, cross sectional powder samples from a container
    • This all layer sampler has a robust all stainless steel construction and is suitable for sampling free flowing powders, granules and even slightly cohesive powders
    • It takes a fast cross-sectional, all layer sample
    • The Slot Sampler is available in 316L stainless steel and aluminium. The stainless steel version is ideal when chemical resistance is required
    • Wide range of lengths and volumes available
    • 3 to 7 sampling points
    • Available with or without bottle adapter

    Sleeve Sampler

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    • The Sleeve Sampler is ideal for sampling large volumes at great depths
    • Various sized chambers can be quickly attached to the same handle to allow different sample volumes to be taken – 100, 150 and 200ml
    • Extension rods can be added to take very deep samples if required
    • Made from 316L stainless steel which gives excellent chemical resistance

    U-D Master

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    • Different versions of the sampler are available:
      • Single Style U-D Master
        • One sample per sampling point
      • Double Style U-D Master
        • Two samples per sampling point
      • Triple Style U-D Master
        • Three samples per sampling point
    • The multi point sampling design can be customised by using blank inserts to blank off unwanted locations.
    • The interchangeable cells give you ultimate flexibility.
    • Different volume cells from 0.1ml to 4ml are available in 0.1ml increments.
    • Made entirely from polished 316L stainless steel.  They can be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned