Speciality Cleanroom Swabs


The Specialty Cleanroom Swab Series includes a variety of swabs for different applications:

CrushTube Cleanroom Swab

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  • IPA pre-wetted swab with a 100% polyester nonwoven material head attached to an internal vial containing 91% IPA / 9% DIW solution, which is enclosed in a protective casing
  • Ampoule is crushed using protective plastic sleeve
  • Silicone free
  • Suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as optical assemblies, maintaining of ion emitter tips, grooves, tracks, slots, and other small spaces, removing adhesive build-up and solvent

Precision Nylon Cleanroom Swab & Tool

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  • Cleaning swabs for precision applications with solvents and cleaning solutions
  • Very low in both non-volatile residue and particle generation
  • Small compressed synthetic nylon pointed tip on a rigid handle
  • Specially designed for use on optics and optical fibres, microscopes, reticles, photomasks, and wafers

Precision Dual-Tipped Cleanroom Swab

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  • A polypropylene handle with one pointed end and the other end flat.
  • The pointed end offers a very fine end for micro-applications
  • The flat end can be used as a spatula for various applications
  • Cleaning intersecting surfaces and joints
  • Gentle removal of stubborn stuck-on contaminants
  • Pinpoint application of solvents, adhesives, and lubricants
  • Cleaning of grooves, tracks, slots, smooth surfaces, and other small spaces
  • Pinpoint cleaning and assembly placement