Stainless Steel Spatulas & Spoons

Stainless Spoons

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  • High quality stainless steel spoons are ideal for both powder and liquid. As standard they are available in 2ml and 10ml volumes with an angled spoon section which makes them easier to use
  • Various lengths are also available up to an extra-long 1m long spoon
  • The long handles means it can reach far into a container
  • Made from high quality 304 and 316 stainless steel with a polished finish
Disposable Samplers

Volumetric Spoons 304 Stainless Steel

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  • Ideal for accurately measuring volumes
  • The spoons are sold as a set comprising of four different volumes (1.25ml, 5ml, 15ml and 100ml)
  • They are very popular in food and chemical companies

Double Ended Spoons

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  • The double ended sampling spoons give the flexibility of being able to take different sample sizes from the same spoon
  • They come in various lengths and spoon sizes with 0.5ml being the smallest and 8ml being the largest
  • The lengths of the spoons vary from 150mm to 290mm
  • They are ideal for sampling powder and liquid
  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel


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  • The Stainless Steel Micro Spatulas are ideal for transferring and measuring small amounts of powder, granule and cream
  • They can be used for surface sampling or for dispensing small quantities
  • They are ideal for work in pharmaceutical, food and chemical companies
  • They are available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel

Stainless Steel V Spatula

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  • It is a multi purpose sampling tool, designed for taking surface samples of powders and waxes and harder materials.
  • The V Spatula is easy to use thanks to its robust V shaped blade.
  • The V shape means emptying the sample is easy.
  • Made from high quality chemically resistant 316L stainless steel
  • 3 sizes available. Special sizes available on request

Chemical Spoon and Spatula

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  • Manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel and has no sharp edges or crevices. They have a bright mirror polish and are designed to be fully cleaned. The double sided spoon can be used as a spoon and spatula
  • They are perfect for measuring, sampling and dosing powder, granules and liquid products
  • The length varies from 15cm to 32cm
  • The spoon volume is available in different sizes between 5ml and 35ml
  • They are ideal for use in food, pharma and chemical companies