SteriWare Spoons

The complete range is manufactured and packed in a Cleanroom. They are designed to be used straight from the bag which eliminates the risk of cross contamination and means there is no costly cleaning.

Sampling Spoons

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  • The SteriWare sampling spoons are ideal for use in Pharmaceutical, Food and industrial environments
  • The spoons are ideal tool for taking powder, liquid, cream and paste samples
  • Available in White, Blue and Red
  • The blue and red colour means they can easily seen if left in the material in line with HACCP guidelines
  • Range of sizes from 3ml to 10ml
  • Available sterile (SAL 10−6 ) and non-sterile

Long Handled Spoons

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  • The long handed spoons mean it is easy to scoop powder and liquid from a distance
  • The spoons are available in a straight or an angled shape
  • Made from food grade HDPE, which is ideal for most applications as it is strong and rigid
  • Conforms to the latest FDA and EU requirements
  • BSE/TSE free.
  • Available sterile (SAL 10−6 ) and non-sterile
  • 10ml and 20ml volumes

USP Class VI Sterile Spoons

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  • Made from high grade medical USP class VI HDPE which has good chemical resistance and can be easily recycled
  • This premium range is double bagged. A box liner is also used giving a third layer of protection
  • Commonly used in the manufacture and sampling of cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals
  • Available in 3ml and 10ml sizes

Volumetric Spoons

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  • SteriWare Volumetric Spoons enable set volumes to be accurately measured and sampled
  • Suitable for use with powders, granules, liquids, gels and suspensions
  • A wide range of sizes from 1ml to 20ml are available
  • Special sizes are available on request
  • The long handle keeps hands away from the material being sampled or measured
  • Available sterile (SAL 10−6 ) and non-sterile

Double-ended Dosing Spoons

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  • Dosing spoons are a cost effective spoon for sampling, decanting and measuring.
  • The double ended spoon means both 2.5 and 5ml can be measured and sampled from the same spoon.
  • They are ideal for use in the hospitals, laboratory, quality control and production environments.
  • Manufactured from robust shatterproof PS.
  • EC and FDA conforming material
  • BSE/TSE free
  • Available sterile (SAL 10−6 ) and non-sterile