Wipes for Special Applications


Cleanrooms are unique environments which come with a wide range of applications. basan provides a wide range of wipes for special applications. These wipes offer good absorption power, low abrasion, and a soft touch. They are well suited for working with acids, alkalis, solvents and other chemicals or heat.

Static Dissipative Wipes

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Suitable for applications sensitive to electrostatic discharge. The wipes are ideal for the dry wiping of sensitive electronic components and general cleaning in ESD sensitive areas. They are also suitable for use in disc drive or MR head manufacturing.

Features & Benefits

  • Recommended for ISO Class 3-8
  • Polyester fabric is extremely low in both particles and extractables
  • Knitted with a conductive fibre in a specially designed grid pattern that minimizes “hot spots”
  • Antistatic fabric is abrasion and chemical resistant

Low Endotoxin Wipes

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A sterile product is not necessarily endotoxin-free

The presence of pyrogens is a critical safety concern for injectable products and

medical devices as products contaminated with pyrogens can pose a life – threatening

risk to patients.Using low endotoxin wipes during manufacturing reduces the potential for pyrogen contamination in the most critical of applications

Features & Benefits

  • Available dry and presaturated in both knit and nonwoven materials
  • Ideal for use on product contact surfaces
  • Laser sealed edges reduce fiber generation from the edge of the wipe


Reusable wipes for Glass/ Smooth Surfaces

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The highly purified microfiber enables the streak-free cleaning of all smooth surfaces. For all super smooth surfaces like glass, mirror etc.


  • 100 % microfiber, knitted method of production with linked edges
  • Perfect for dry and mist-moist cleaning
  • Catches even particle dust well without any scratch on the surface with special knitting structure
  • Thanks to the high-end processing the cloth withstands numerous wash cycles
  • Available in a range of colours for colour coding for surface cleaning